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Clarence. Dedicated. Unashamed. Believer.

Known for his heartfelt lyrics, Clarence "C-D.U.B." Williams demonstrates Christian Rap as a method of God's love that is used to draw the lost to the cross. With a diverse sound and style that is not the norm for Christian Rap, C-D.U.B.'s music is impactful to all cultures and generations. His mode of worship creates an atmosphere for God to touch the heart of his people in any setting.

A native of Gainesville, FL, Clarence Williams was born in 1990 to Maedith Thornton & Clarence Williams.

Raised by his aunt and sister, he by no means had a traditional family lifestyle. During his childhood, the enemy sought to destroy God's plan for his life. He was exposed to many uncertainties about his life and experienced traumatic moments at an early age. The enemy used insecurities and rejection to lead him into a riotous lifestyle as he coped with the hurts of his heart.

By 2007, Clarence found the love of God, and DEDICATED his life to Christ. UNASHAMED about this change God made in his life, Clarence became a bonafide BELIEVER.

"I got saved at church. I heard the word and it hit me. I just gave my life to Christ. I was tired of fighting and running from the calling God had on my life."

He started ministering through gospel rap in 2008 having been inspired by D.King, who was a mentor to him during his early years in ministry. Resolved to live a sold out life for Christ, Clarence coined the phrase, "Mr. No More Compromising" and became known as C-D.U.B...CLARENCE. DEDICATED. UNASHAMED. BELIEVER. In 2008 and 2009 C-D.U.B. was nominated for best Christian Hip-Hop Artist in the 352. He has produced two mixed tapes: "Tryna Reach Souls" (2008) and "No More Compromising" (2010). He release an EP “Transformed” (2016). He is currently working on his first album, entitled, "FREEDOM," which is set to release September 2018.

C-D.U.B.'s mission is to create a sound that breaks the very bondage of sin off of those held captive.

An awesome young man, husband and father to wife Maria Williams and four children. He loves GOD and has a heart to please our Heavenly Father, C-D.U.B. has a main focus of winning souls and showing the love of Christ to others. He realizes it's not about him but the GOD above.

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